BreakaLeg Productions Home An Abingdon, Oxfordshire, Drama Group Awards 2012 How The Other Half Loves Nominated for NODA- London ‘Drama Award’ The Importance of being Earnest NODA-London: Winner  Programme Award - Basic Class Also nominated for NODA-London  ‘Drama Award’ 2011 There’s None So Blind Winner of the ‘Punters Prize’ at Wallingford Drama festival Roman Fever  Won the ‘Adjudicators Award’ for the set, at Didcot Drama festival.  Jenny Shepherd won ‘best actress’ at Didcot Drama festival. Oenone Grant was nominated for Best Actress at Wallingford Drama festival Hay Fever  NODA-London: Winner  ‘Programme Award -  Basic Class’ Hay Fever  NODA-National: Runner-up ‘Programme Award -  Basic Class’ 2010 Rebbeca Nominated for     NODA-London ‘Drama Award’ Nominated for     NODA-London ‘Scenic Award’ Runner Up - 				   NODA-London ‘Programme Award 																													- Basic Class’ I’ll Get My Man               Winner - NODA-London Programme Award - Basic Class 2009 Lady Windermere’s Fan Nominated for       NODA-London Scenic Award 2015 Hands Across the Sea at Kenton Drama Festival,  Henley: Director’s Award Runner up  Best Play Paul Barrand Best Actor Award